Answering the Question Does Your Roof Need Repairs? – What Roofing Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Most roofing companies are ethical and want to give you the best job money can buy, but there are some unethical roofers out there. These companies use dishonest tactics to gain your business, and often cut corners to get jobs done faster to increase profit. In this article, we will attempt to answer the question “Does Your Roof Need Repairs – What Roofing Companies Don’t Want You to Know”.

The Door Tag Swindle

Some companies offering roof repair in Portland find new business by going door to door; when no one’s at home, they often leave door tags offering a ‘free inspection’. For the average homeowner, this may sound like a good idea – a professional offering to point out problems with your roof. Beware, though; when you’re signing the paperwork allowing the roofer to perform the inspection, you’re actually signing a work contract. The roofer will act ‘on your behalf’ with your insurance company, often performing unnecessary work in order to increase their bottom line. To avoid this, never sign any papers until you’re ready to have the work done.

Blank Contracts

The ‘blank contract’ is a common occurrence in roofing in Portland. These contracts don’t list a price, just a note saying “for insurance proceeds”. Such contracts are often vague in planning for material usage, and often stipulate that the insurance company must pay before work will begin. This is problematic for you and your insurer – because it gives the roofer a blank check with which to work. To ensure that you get the best job for your insurance dollar, always get multiple bids before choosing a contractor.

Repairing Shake Roofs

If you have a roof covered in cedar shakes, repairs are often not cost effective. There are times when it’s a good idea to repair a shake roof; if there is leaking or damage, it should be fixed right away. Many roofers will tell you that replacing field shakes will prolong your roof’s useful life, but this just isn’t true in most cases. Shake repairs should only be done when individual pieces develop holes and the felt paper shows through. If you need to bide your time until you can afford a new roof, call us for quality shake repairs.

Paying Upfront

Last (but certainly not least), an honest roofer will never ask for cash up front. According to the Better Business Bureau, roofers receive many complaints from dissatisfied customers. If a roofer asks for upfront payment, be leery. If they do a poor job, homeowners often have to pay to fix the roof and for legal representation, often to no avail. To avoid such issues, we recommend that you only accept bids from honest companies – and never pay upfront, regardless of how great the deal may seem.

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