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It requires a lot of thought when homeowners need a new roof installed. Who will you hire to do the work? Who can you trust? How much will it cost? What color, style and type of materials are available today? Many people still have asphalt shingles installed on their homes. It’s a very popular and long lasting roofing material, but today there are also many other roofing materials available. When customers talk to companies that do roofing in Portland, they’ll receive an education on the many materials and colors that are now being installed on roofs. Many homeowners are very concerned about prices, while others want the longest lasting material, whether it’s tile, steel, asphalt or another type.

If you’ve never had to have a roof replaced before, it’s only natural that you’re intimidated and worried just thinking about it. A good company will dispel your trepidation once you begin the process by calling one of the companies in your area, or filling out the ‘contact us’ button on one of the websites. An associate of the company will call you and set up a time to come to your home and talk to you about your roof. If you’re experiencing a leaky roof in Portland, you may just need some repairs. If the roofers find that the shingles are buckled, the underneath is beginning to rot and leaks into your home are evident, they will suggest you have a new one installed.

Your home is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make and caring for it up to the time when you’re up in age and decide to downsize is extremely important. When you have a new roof installed, you’ll increase the value in your home exponentially and it will repay you back years down the road if you decide to sell it. Many times when you’ve driven down the streets or out in the country, you’ve seen one of these signs outside a home that’s having a new roof installed: “Roof Maintenance and Cleaning Services – Protect Your Investment.” This is such a true statement. Without a good roof on your home, it will begin to deteriorate quickly. It will develop leaks, rotting of the wooden rafters, holes, and finally rain and wind will ruin wiring, ceilings and the insides of the home until it is worthless.

No one ever has to let this happen. Financing is available and some companies offer a life-time warranty on their workmanship. They also use materials from famous manufacturers they exclusively work with. Give one of the companies a call today and get a free estimate on the cost to repair or replace your roof. A good company will give you a fair and free estimate, explain what you can expect while they’re at your home and how they’ll clean up everything before they leave. Most of the companies today also recycle the old shingles. They’re no longer sent to the landfills.

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