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Sheet has more benefits than other building materials, in this article we will make a small comparison of sheet roofs against traditional roofs.

As we well know, the installation of the sheets requires very few personnel, a situation that implies economic savings in labor. There are many cases where inexperienced architects recommend building a traditional roof without realizing the expense of renting construction equipment to install a concrete roof.

It has been scientifically proven that the new materials with which the sheets are made can last longer than a traditional roof.

In this sense, a roof constructed with sheets offers a great resistance to the climatic conditions of any territorial zone. Humid, very sunny, saline, cold or rainy climates are not an impediment for the sheets to demonstrate why they have become a material worthy of the 21st century.

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In addition, the sheets are placed with a certain degree of inclination, a condition that allows them to keep an impeccable cleanliness, because with this small inclination the accumulation of garbage or water is avoided, which in the long term can damage the material, subtracting time of useful life.

On the other hand, the sheets are assembly systems that cover a specific area, so it is possible to avoid the appearance of cracks, as it happens with traditional roofs.

A traditional roof requires constant maintenance, as it is necessary to waterproof it at least once every two or three years, which undoubtedly represents a greater expense. The sheets do not require constant maintenance, but it is necessary for a specialist to check them at least every five years in order to make a balance of their condition.

It is very clear, then, that sheet roofs have properties and virtues that have allowed them to position themselves more and more as a real option to be used in a construction site.

However, those who recommend the use of sheets for the construction of a roof, should bear in mind that there are suppliers who offer poor quality materials that last a short time.

Before recommending the use of a product, they should know a reliable supplier who guarantees the quality of their materials.


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