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Severe weather is no problem for GCP self-adhesive waterproof underlays
Contractors and roofers bet their reputation on the quality of construction. That’s why they rely on our roofing bases to protect homes in the most extreme climates around the world. And architects choose our products because they meet the most demanding design specifications.
All of our self-adhesive bases outperform other brands because:
Aggressively seal roofs to create a tight bond and prevent water migration
Seal roof fasteners tightly to prevent leaks
Seal to form hermetic bonds in vulnerable overlaps for greater water repellency
In addition, Ripcord® Split Release On-Demand technology makes it easy to protect vulnerable details such as fireplaces, channels and roof-to-wall transitions.

We develop the details necessary to make ceiling installation faster, easier and more cost effective for contractors and owners.
We evolved roofing technology in 1978 with the introduction of the first self-adhesive roofing base product. Our research and development team continually innovates to improve installation efficiency and ensure that our products are the most durable and resilient.
Grace Ice & Water Shield® is the original self-adhesive base that provides superior waterproofing performance and has been installed in more than 2 million homes, many of them in the harshest climates.
Grace Ultra™ is a unique self-adhesive base formulated with a butyl adhesive that provides unsurpassed thermal stability. It is suitable for use under copper, Cor-Ten™ steel and zinc roof cladding.
Grace Ice & Water Shield® HT is a flagship product version, and is formulated to be more thermally stable and ideal for use under metal ceilings or in high-temperature ceiling assemblies.
Grace Select® is a code-compliant alternative for granular bases. Its lower thickness makes it lighter and easier to apply than heavy granular surface materials.


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