For Residential Roofing Services that Meet Your Needs, Seek an Experienced Professional

Homeowners often don’t really know who can best help them with roofing in Portland. There are too many listings in the phone book, and even the neighbors can’t agree who is the best contractor in the area. However, it is possible to narrow down the options. In many cases, finding Residential Roofing Services That Meet Your Needs can be accomplished by simply asking the right questions.

How long has the company been in business?

Companies that have been around for many years should be considered first. Longevity indicates that the company has experience in dealing with roofing problems in the Portland area, and they know the types of issues that tend to arise most frequently. However, a newer roofing company may also be worth considering when the owner and employees have a great deal of experience, but just happen to have started a new company recently. The key is to find a roofer that is reliable, and knows the products and techniques that best serve area homeowners’ needs.

Can the roofing company demonstrate experience with your type of roofing?

Not all roofing companies deal with every type of roofing product. While most residential roofing companies are comfortable working with the various types of shingles, not all are well versed with metal, tile or slate roofing materials. Ask if the contractor is comfortable dealing with the roofing product that is currently installed or that is being considered for a new roof installation.

Does the roofing contractor provide free roof inspections?

Roofing professionals know that routine inspections are a key element in preventing roof leaks. They not only provide free inspections, they strongly recommend them for all their customers. Finding and repairing small problems quickly not only prevents leaks, it also tends to extend the life of most roofs. Asking for a roof inspection is a great way to determine if a contractor is one that is worth using both now and in the future.

Will the contractor complete gutter and downspout installation and repair?

Properly installed gutter and downspout systems are crucial for draining water away from home foundations. Roofs without gutters and downspouts allow water to spill directly onto soils around home foundations, often leading to significant damage to those foundations and leaks into basements. Top area contractors often install and repair gutter and downspout systems as an integral part of their services.

Finding the best company for residential roofing services starts with a quality roof inspection. Contacting a roofing company for a complete inspection is perhaps the best way to determine if the company will provide all your roofing needs.

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