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It is a construction system of self-supporting ceilings, based on galvanized and pre-painted steel arches, joined together by means of an electric graphite, which makes it a hermetic system. The panels are manufactured on site, which allows to manufacture and install a building in less time compared to the traditional system of metal structure.


Storage of materials.
Agricultural: sheds, stables, stables and greenhouses.
Commercial and Industrial: industrial warehouses, workshops, parking lots, shopping centers, hangars, factories, call center and offices among more applications.
Recreational areas: tennis courts, gymnasiums, sports centers and swimming pools.


It covers spans of up to 35 m without any intermediate support, depending on the geographical location.
It is a complete tightness system, due to the absence of transversal joints and screws; the union between panels is carried out by means of an engargolado. It does not require sealers.
The equipment (super span), property of ARCUS GLOBAL has the advantage of manufacturing on site the sheet in arches of a single piece, to the necessary length thus avoiding the presence of overlaps.
civil work arches



Deploys from floor level or low wall height.
Arrow from 35% to 50%. They are self-supporting roofs that are transplanted from the level of the ground on a running foundation trabe so the arch acts as a wall and roof at the same time.
Roofs can have an arrow from 35% to 50% of the total width of the self-supporting roof.
Roofs, 50% self-supporting roofs


Plants on walls and support beams.
Arrow from 20% to 35%. This type of self-supporting roof is supported on walls and/or beams acting as a support for the roof.
It is manufactured with arrows from 20% to 35% in total width. It is recommended to use 20% arrows because they are cheaper, and the length of the curve will be shorter.
It does not need intermediate supports with spans of up to 35 meters.
Arco roofs, self-supporting roofs


Complete arches are used without transverse overlaps and the lateral joints between arches are, characteristic that makes it HERMETIC.
It is a self-supporting system, which eliminates the internal support structure providing interior spaces free of obstacles.
The geometry of the cross section provides a high load capacity withstanding wind speeds up to 200 kph.
It reduces labor costs, execution times, minimum maintenance processes; which makes this system a real alternative of economy for the design.
Translucent strips of acrylic sheets reinforced with fiberglass and with the same groove as the sheets can be installed, obtaining the maximum illumination allowed with the self-supporting system, without affecting the structural resistance.
Ventilation is achieved by means of wind fans and these must be placed in the acrylic strips to guarantee the structural stability of the roof.
It is a totally architectural system, pleasing to the eye; this allows the architect and/or designer to innovate with much more creativity.


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