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New Trends in the Roofing Industry

At present, due to the situation we are living, it is more than clear that innovations are something fundamental to the development of the company. time to achieve a clear differentiation from competitors. “Accompanying the appearance of new national and international standards, we continue to develop our panels and technical solutions both functional and constructive. […]

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Types of Ceilings and Roofs Out There

The main types of roofs that are used are: From one water, with only one slope, so that the water runs in only one direction. Of two waters with two skirts and a ridge, the water runs in two directions. Half a pavilion with a square or rectangular floor plan, with three skirts or slopes. […]

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High Performance Roof Base

Severe weather is no problem for GCP self-adhesive waterproof underlays Contractors and roofers bet their reputation on the quality of construction. That’s why they rely on our roofing bases to protect homes in the most extreme climates around the world. And architects choose our products because they meet the most demanding design specifications. All of […]

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