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Roofs Made of Wood; Are They Reliable?

The lima-tesa rafters give superior support to the short skirt rafters. These short purlins of variable length are supported on the pairs of Thesa files, to which they are adapted by cutting them obliquely in the appropriate way, and then nailed. It is necessary to reinforce the union with angular plate flanges that seat in […]

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Definition of a Roof

The etymology of the term ceiling refers to tectum, a Latin word. The concept refers to the element or sector that is located at the top of a building or a vehicle to close it and cover it. Roof For example: “The tornado destroyed the roof of the house,” “This year I will have to […]

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Metal Roofs VS Traditional Roofs

ARE TRADITIONAL ROOFS BETTER? Sheet has more benefits than other building materials, in this article we will make a small comparison of sheet roofs against traditional roofs. As we well know, the installation of the sheets requires very few personnel, a situation that implies economic savings in labor. There are many cases where inexperienced architects […]

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