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High Performance Roof Base

Severe weather is no problem for GCP self-adhesive waterproof underlays Contractors and roofers bet their reputation on the quality of construction. That’s why they rely on our roofing bases to protect homes in the most extreme climates around the world. And architects choose our products because they meet the most demanding design specifications. All of […]

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Safety In Roof Construction

Worker safety is important in any construction job. Roofing is no exception. Falls are the cause of more serious injuries and deaths in construction than all other causes. Accidents occur not only to roofers, but also to maintenance, cleaning, demolition, and roof inspection personnel. Any work on a roof carries risks. The nature of the precautions […]

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Wooden Roofs and Ceilings for your Home

DEFINITION A roof is the upper surface that covers a room, under a floor slab or a deck. Roofs are often used to hide these structural elements but also to decorate or paint if the surface is flat, or to highlight the structural elements by giving them a special relief. COMPOSITION Wooden ceilings are discontinuous, […]

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