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Wood is one of the materials that has been used since ancient times to build shelters and houses, now is also used, not only as a structure, but to conform with it building elements used in floors and walls. With this material a beneficial control of the climate inside the houses is achieved. Its characteristics that assure the thermal comfort, besides the image of warmth that gives to the construction, is very requested for the design of houses and other buildings.

In this homify article we will show you 10 house structures, enhanced with wood, so that you can observe the variety of styles and the final result obtained, using wood in house structures.

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1. Wood and tiles on the terrace

A housing construction where the structural set of columns, support beams, belts, has been built entirely in wood. The base of the roof is made with boards where the covering of tiles is supported. It is a work that really defines a wooden structure for a terrace. The columns have been embedded in the floor, before placing the final floor finish in rustic ceramic. The waterproofing must be done, in these cases, before laying the tiles so that the board is protected from humidity.

2. The visible beams in the room

Is its elegance, using a structure in wood to the sight, supported in the wall of brick. These beams are painted with a varnish that protects them from insects, increasing their durability over time. A really cozy and familiar room with wood as the queen of design.

3. The double height of the living room

Very high ceilings are identified with the wooden structure. A modern house, with old details in the decoration. The double height of the ceiling is accentuated with the wooden structure at sight, without any ceiling that hides it, impossible to hide so much beauty.

4. All in wood

If you decide to use wood, you can come up with this solution… ALL IN WOOD. In such a design the most important thing is, as in anyone who uses this material, to be sure of the origin of the wood, that it is really dry and cured. These two points are essential so that your house, with structure and everything in wood is perfect.

The treatments of the wood are very effective to avoid the proliferation of fungi and insects, that can damage the structure. As for insects, termites and others, you can have the house checked regularly, to be sure it is free of these implacable wood eaters.

5. A structure between walls

What a beautiful building detail, a wooden structure in the design of a house, between walls! In this project they did not spare the use of this material in the structure, showing it in the places that result of greater visual impact. The white walls, the frames of the dark windows, this structure that crosses the walls leaving the idea of continuity towards other rooms of the house.

6. A special cabin

The structural combination and the perfect design, wood, glass and clay tiles on the especially beautiful design. To spend a vacation where nature is even inside the house with the wooden structure.

7. The wooden ceiling of the kitchen

If you have the structure of your wooden house, do not hide it, use it as a detail in the style and decoration very particular. In this kitchen those structural details invited the designer to use the same material, in shelves and countertops. A very successful kitchen design that completely adapts to the structure designed for the house.

8. Wooden beams and straps

In this structural design with wood the important thing is, the dimensions of the beams of load. These seem to be over designed, but it is the result of the distance between the supports. The dimensions of this roofs are incredible.


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