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We are Roofing Portland Experts, and our services are,

Roof Replacement (Roofs)
Roof Repairs
Installation of water channels (gutters)
Roof Re-Decking
Free Estimates
Guaranteed Jobs

The cost for a roof repair, starts at $350…includes materials and labor.
We are JDP Roofing, a residential roof replacement company, offering roof replacement services, roof repairs, leak repair, and free estimates.

We work with asphalt shingles, and have been doing roof replacement since 2003, so we know how to do an excellent job and offer you a guaranteed job in writing for a long time.

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Clients Served
  • 2003

    Roofing Portland Was Founded

    Founded by a Family of Roofers

  • 2009

    Best Roofers in Portland Prize

    We won the best roofers in Portland prize

  • 2011

    300 Clients Served

    We served 300 clients in total

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